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reconnecting body, mind & spirit




Embodied Flow is a continuum of movement and expression that integrates discoveries from somatic movement, hatha yoga, and tantric methodologies to elicit the experience of yoga as a living art form.


The School of Embodied Flow uses movement, asana, meditation, visualization, philosophy, psychology, verbal expression, and science as technologies for acquiring a deep sense of strength, ease and connectivity in the human form. We value the student as an equal explorer with an innate wisdom and an authentic self that emerges through the container of asana and a teacher's facilitation. Our aim is to thrive in every layer of our consciousness and to take that awakened mind out into world. Embodied Flow is registered with the Yoga Alliance and offers the following training programs internationally:



RYT 200


RYT 500



Retreats & workshops




  • Embodied Flow helps you reclaim a primal sensory skill set long forgotten in this modern age. It sets up a paradigm for true transformation offering a rich container for deep introspective sensitivities to nature, people and ourselves, and becoming attuned as Scott says 'to a subtle variety of flavours of consciousness.' The quality of my presence deepened along with my capacity for intimacy and connection.
    — Brieann | Byron Bay, Australia
  • The Mind Module allowed me to sift through, clear out and reset the hard drive of my mental programming in a way I had never experienced before. It offered me space to re-evaluate all I had taken on and assumed to be true and fixed. It was like a homing call to my deepest self. Coalescing all of my light, shadows and darkness I became more receptive and attuned to my whole, unbounded and unbroken self.
    — Sam B. | Sydney, Australia
  • Embodied Flow™ is not just a teacher training, it is a Life training. My quality of life since participating in the course has increased exponentially. When I breath I feel every cell in my body breathing and intuitively I know that I am whole, that I am complete. It is not just a thought but a bodily experience. Thanks to Embodied Flow™ I have fallen into myself, and I absolutely adore myself.
    — Ryan Henson | Sydney Australia
  • Embodied Flow™ is a homecoming, a practice that moves me to ever-more-subtle layers of awareness, to an ever-deeper understanding of what very real yet completely magical stuff this body and mind are made of. It is a practice of noticing processes, patterns and connections, and bringing them into conscious awareness to facilitate flow, vibrancy, healing. It is a discovery of life. A practice of radical freedom.
    — Bess | Byron Bay, Australia
  • My body greets me and I move with it and through it. I can be luminous, my skin supported by the expansive energy of the organs, or I can feel sturdy and safe, moving into the quiet support of my bones. Juicy, fluid, strong, slow, steady—all of these adjectives could describe it, but there is so much more beyond the words. We become creation. Attuning to the essence of movement opens channels to whole new ways of perceiving existence.
    — Claire Goldman | Vermont, USA