Embodied Flow Yin Yoga is a gentle, integrative practice that creates a sacred space where time expands and slows down, allowing you to find your deepest sense of self. This approach combines a unique blend of yin poses, guided imagery, experiential anatomy, movement meditation, five elements of Chinese medicine, breathwork, mantra and mind-body medicine practices.

Embodied Flow Yin Yoga recognizes that the way we care for ourselves, others, and the environment is interrelated. Through developing awareness and loving kindness on and off the mat, we gain a felt sense of this “interrelatedness” (yoga) and can become a more fully inhabited embodied being. In this tradition, becoming embodied is a process of returning to our innate sense of well-being where the richness and subtleties of life are deeply experienced. In this way, a life fully felt is a live fully lived.


Daily curriculum includes:

  • Yin poses (basic poses and variations)

  • Therapeutic applications of Embodied Flow Yin Yoga including: biomechanics, mind-body medicine, bodywork, energy medicine, emotional processing, and trauma informed approaches

  • Foundations of traditional Chinese medicine: meridians, the five elements, nutrition, cupping and moxa

  • Introduction to Embodied Flow principles and methodology

  • Facilitation skills in exploring Eastern and Western experiential anatomy

  • How to hold space for deep discovery and processing

  • Using props in a unique way to offer modifications that can help support each student's needs

  • Advanced observation and hands-on assisting skills

  • Integration of Tantric and Buddhist philosophy with yin yoga

  • How to create guided meditation that enhances the yin state of receptiveness, acceptance, compassion, intuition, and an individual’s capacity to self heal

  • How to create sacred spaces through rituals

  • How to facilitate dynamic classes with yin yoga sequences, mantra, and movement meditations  


After completing the 50h immersion, you can complete additional 50 hours for the full 100 hour certification and call your classes Embodied Flow ™ Yin Elements:

Prerequisite: a 200h Yoga Teacher Training

Within 1 year of completing the 50 hours Embodied Flow ™ Yin Immersion:

  • Read Sensitive Chaos and Between Heaven and Earth and write a 5 page paper on your integration and embodiment of those two books in your yin yoga practice and teaching.

  • 10 class reports of a yin yoga class in the style of Embodied Flow

  • Film and send in 1 video of a 60-90 min Yin class demonstrating teaching core concepts of Embodied Flow ™ Yin for review and approval. 

  • 150$ Video submission fee

Upon successful completion of the requirements:

• Upon signing the Embodied Flow™ Yin Elements Teacher agreement and submitting a 150$ admin fee, facilitators can call themselves an Embodied Flow™ Yin Elements Teacher and name  their classes Embodied Flow™ Yin Elements on all printed and digital mediums.

• Facilitators will be listed on the Embodied Flow™ website under Embodied Flow™ Yin Elements Teachers

Please submit all material at one time, upon completion. Please send reports, essay and link to your video to info@embodiedflow.com. At that point you can also arrange payment for the 300$ administrative and video submission fee.

For full Embodied Flow™ Yin Certified status, please see our full Pathways to Certification