What it means to be an Embodied Flow facilitator

Embodied Flow facilitators look for doors into students’ learning potential and take into account both what is in front of them and what is in shadow. Valuing the student as an equal explorer, whose innate wisdom and authentic Self are equal partners, facilitators provide students with resources, information, ideas, and strategies to raise consciousness and curiosity about the environment, interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, as well as offering practices towards a felt sense of self.

We look at the classroom as a laboratory for our living experience, and as facilitators of this laboratory we investigate and strengthen our own presence, curiosity, authenticity, vulnerability, and space holding capabilities as we support others on their life’s journey.

Pathways to Certification

We are honored that you are taking this journey with us. Depending on your training and the path you are interested in, there are currently five different designations:

Embodied Flow™ Inspired

Embodied Flow™ Certified

Embodied Flow™ Somatic Movement Therapist

Embodied Flow™ Yin Elements

Embodied Flow™ Yin Certified

To find out more about the certification process, prerequisites and requirements, please download the PDF here.

The Online Lab

Our Embodied Flow™ Online Lab can be taken as part of the Pathways to Certification or for your own development. Designed to help you integrate the experience of your trainings, as well as bridge the gap from intake of material into output. Recognising that the immersive experience of training is merely the beginning, we created two programs (at the 200 and 300-hour level) to continue the learning, and to connect you deeper with the material and the network of teachers and practitioners in the Embodied Flow community.

Certification Video

Depending on your pathway, you will be asked to send in a certification video leading a class with core concepts of Embodied Flow. After all of your work, this is now the chance for us to see where you are as a teacher of Embodied Flow. It is a tool for both you and the School to create a meaningful dialogue about your teaching process. To help you get started Tara has some insights for you:


Before filming your video, please download the video report sheet and read it carefully. Once you have filmed your video fill out the video report and send it in with your video and your other documents.

What’s next?

Before starting your certification process, please get in touch with us and we will send you the current reports templates. As a guide you can also find them in the back of your manuals. If you have any questions about getting certified or need assistance in the process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@embodiedflow.com