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1:  a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes

2:  an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest, an odyssey of self-discovery, a spiritual odyssey from disbelief to faith

This Summer I invite you to come on a twofold journey.  Outwardly as an Odyssey to Greece and to islands of Paros and Amorgos, inwardly into a deep dive of your body-mind and the way you communicate that into the world. This is the Embodied Flow 300 hour advanced training.

While my outer journey continuously takes me into the riveting landscapes of our Earth, I am compelled and just as deeply driven on the same continuous journey inward.   Seemingly these parallel journeys are the at the very route of the word Odyssey, and how appropriate that we should explore this epic voyage in the country from which the term comes.

There is much about the outer world, at the moment, that feels challenging, perhaps even pushing the threshold of a much more profound transformation. While I am fascinated as this world theater plays out around me, yet, I still feel anchored by the one thing that can continuously become increasingly, clear: our capacity to have agency over our own inner body.  To have this capacity is what our predecessors on the path of yoga called freedom.

The 300 hour training, or the advanced level training, endeavors to create a map towards freedom in our entire Body-Mind.  Each module has a particular focus and can be taken alone, or as a part of the whole.

The location of these trainings is important to us.  For our fourth complete iteration of this happening, my co-facilitator Scott Lyons and I have chosen three distinct locales on the Cycladic Islands.   The support of the sun, sea and salt, and the rich history of exploration here will escalate our somatic discoveries as we join into a community journey into our wholeness.

We lovingly invite you to come explore.

In love,



Module 1: BODY 8 – 30 July, 2017 at Taos Retreat Center, Paros Greece

Sensing & Somatization from an Embodied Anatomy Perspective

This 100-hour “Body” Module focuses on discovering the total sense of embodiment from the Embodied Flow perspective into the living art of yoga. Using the lens of asana and inspired by a Body Mind Centering® perspective, “Body” module will concentrate on foundational material for integrated movement. This immersion utilizes experiential anatomy, kinesiology and physiology as a platform for effortless and empowered asana.

This and all modules include meditation, pranayama, asana, free movement, philosophy and inquiry.


Module 2: MIND 1 – 13 August, 2017 at Okreblue Retreat Center, Paros Greece

Mind: Lifting the veils of obstruction and stepping into the Slipstream of

This module delves deeply into explorations of consciousness and the rich world of somatic psychology. Continuing with Embodied Flow asana, pranayama, philosophy, and meditation, students will gain strong foundations in the practices of body-mind medicine as they are facilitated on a journey towards a felt sense of wholeness. Topics covered will include: the psychology of stress, trauma therapy, senses and perception, boundaries, the identification of Self, the psychology of change, motivation, and goal setting.



August 30-September 11, 2017 Aegialis Hotel & Spa, Amorgos Greece

Theming, Voice and Movement

This 100-hour “Expression” Module focuses on developing and refining skills in composing and crafting your voice as a teacher. We will explore strategies and tools for teaching Embodied Flow. Through expression you will expand your art of languaging, your capacity to read and respond to the classroom resonance, strengthen your vocal/physical instrument, take the seat of the teacher and rarefy ( not sure this is the right word here?) your skills in physical/subtle adjustments and therapeutics.


T H E E M B O D I E D F L O W R Y T – 5 0 0 A D V A N C E D T R A I N I N G S

Each of these Advanced Yoga Modules gives you hours towards your Embodied Flow School of Yoga 300-hour Advanced Training. Advanced yoga practitioners are also invited to join these intensives and will be credited with Continuing Education Units (CEU). The Advanced Yoga Modules can be taken by section or all together. Students who complete all three training modules (Body, Mind, Expression) will receive the 300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Embodied Flow that allows for registration with the internationally acknowledged Yoga Alliance. In addition to the Body-Mind-Expression modules, students will be able to combine other 50,100 and 200-hour modules towards their RYT-500 certification.

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