Flow State- Europe Tour

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I am finishing up a quick jaunt to the United States and heading back to Europe for my sixth year touring there. While I am returning to some old hubs, I am offering Embodied Flow immersions and workshops in some new cities. I am excited at the emerging cultures and conversations around Embodied Flow and the continuous curiosity as we dive into the somatic dance of our consciousness.

The aim of this tour is to facilitate flow states, or at least to set the container wherein one may find a state of flow. I am intentionally expanding my own range by facilitating more free movement, and offering more immersive possibilities for those that are interested in diving into deeper explorations.

Where a workshop is a weekend, an immersion is five days, 6 hours a day of meditation, asana, somatic exploration, contemplation and free movement. After teaching several immersions last year in Australia, I have decided to offer more of these intensives, as it proves to be an amazing format for shifting inner experience in a very condensed period.

While I know that you have many choices of things to do, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will join me somewhere in Europe so we can revisit, deepen and flow.


Helsinki, May 3-7 Embodied Flow Immersion
The immersion is a five day comprehensive introduction to the world of Embodied Flow, designed for those who want to segue from other systems of yoga into advanced training or for those practitioners and teachers that which to enhance their knowledge and practice in the integration of mind-body-spirit.

Paris, May 13 Masterclass
The Guerilla Yogi Paris community class was founded in 2010 by Marc Holzman and Anne Vandewalle. Tara is honored to join dear friend Marc Holzman for this 2 hour Masterclass.

London, May 15-21 Workshop and Immersion
Immersion at Triyoga, May 15-19The Embodied Flow Immersion will give the student a thorough introduction into the world of embodied anatomy, asana and tantric philosophy leaving the practitioner with a newly discovered sense of their body/mind, new ways of practicing and perceiving the world around them.

Weekend Workshop: Flow State at Triyoga, May 19-21
This workshop is designed to discover the tools which lead the practitioner into a flow state. Each workshop will have about half an hour of lecture and two hours of asana and/or partner work.

Nuremberg, June 9-11 Weekend Workshop: Pathways of Potency
In this workshop we will explore the sacred arenas within our bodies endeavoring to reconnect them through meditation, asana flows and lecture to reawaken the numinous space within.

Gothenburg, June 14-18 Advanced Immersion
This advanced immersion is for those that have had some exposure to the Embodied Flow world and are looking to go deeper, or for those that are willing to jump into the deep end from a point of endless curiosity.

Lisbon, June 24-25 Weekend Workshop
The Flow State workshop is designed to help bring practitioners into a state of flow by working in areas in the body that are proven to relate to optimal states of flow - similar to musicians being “in the pocket” or athletes being “in the zone.” There will be asana, meditation, free movement and partner work all with the intention to deliver us into the state of flow that creates easeful, optimal dance through life.



Take your practice or teaching to the next level.Each Advanced Yoga Module (300 hours total/RYT 500 Standard) counts for 100 credit hours towards the Embodied Flow School of Yoga 300-hour Advanced Training.

The first two modules, BODY and MIND (100 hours each) will be offered in Paros, 18 July – 13 August, 2017. The EXPRESSION Module (100 hours) will be offered in Amorgos Greece August 30 – September 11, 2017. These modules are also open to advanced yoga practitioners for credit with Continuing Education Units (CEU).


Unrivaled natural beauty, crystal clear seas, traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes – the magical Greek island of Paros in the Cyclades is where we have chosen to reunite and harmonize this summer.

Our intention for this retreat is clear: to guide you through various practices that will deeply nourish your body and soul and bring you into deeper alignment with the rhythms of nature.

I offer very few retreats, but the specialness of these two back to back retreats on the Greek island of Paros with my teaching co-conspirator Marc Holzman, is something I advocate with my whole heart.

Bea Rue