How many times in your life have you had one month of dedicated time to up-level your perceiving awareness, to dive into the field of meditation and Self-inquiry, to discover or rediscover your whole body, and to find the doorways to your infinite human potential?

This is the stuff of what we call a “200 hour” Embodied Flow™ training.

If you know me, you know I hate labels. I loathe calling something a training. But I love group mind.  I love the container of a shala, with a dedicated group going journeying through consciousness together.   In fact, I may love this more than any other thing I can name. I am crap at selling. I cannot sell. But I can hold space for technology that I believe in with my whole heart.  The reason that a “teacher training” works regardless of whether or not you want to teach, is that the act of taking a seat to offer what is meaningful to you makes you responsible for your beliefs.  It becomes a lens for studying your mind, your movements and your actions.

A large percentage of students who go through a teacher training will not teach, but they will have a firm grasp on the world of yoga, the infinite span and depth of knowledge that is the pursuit of liberating the body/mind while we travel here on earth.  It is a divine pocket in Earth School.

Our next 200-hour journey is 1. - 28. September in Bali at the Yogabarn, if you're moved, we hope you'll join! us.

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In our student's words:

"Tara and her team have created a rich container, limitless in its content. As you dive into the world of Embodied Flow, you will enter a nurturing journey inward and outward. You will learn things that

will open doors to curiosities that will urge you explore even further as you discover and rediscover the unvisited and forgotten parts of yourself. Give yourself this gift of wholeness because it will be something you will repeatedly harvest the wisdom from."⁣⁣

- Daniel Hoang, @thisiswhyifly⁣

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Check out our Youtube video and what makes this 200h so special.


You can always find more details, as well as the application on our website.

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