Dear ones,

Many have asked for more insight into the Embodied Consciousness Immersion in Berkeley, so here’s a video we put together to help communicate what this amazing event will offer.

There is a fundamental connection that weaves the fabric- all that we are- together into a unified relationship.

The challenge is that we perceive Difference.

This perceived difference causes anxiety, depression, violence and suffering.

How do we heal these ruptures of separateness and enliven our experience of fundamentally deep relationship?

This is exactly what we will explore in the Embodied Consciousness Immersion.

The 6 day immersion will provide you with practical tools for working with yourself and others towards moving us ever closer to a world that is beyond perceived difference; a world that is consciously embodied.

We invite you to join us October 13 - 18th at UC Berkeley for a deep dive facilitated by leaders in Somatic and Applied Spiritual Wisdom- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Judith Blackstone, Sally Kempton, Dr. Rae Johnson, Dr. Theresa Silow, Angel Kyodo Williams, Dr. Scott Lyons, and Tara Judelle, plus a very special Soul Kirtan performance by C.C. White A Musical Journey.


We will unpack a multitude of maps and guide you through the experiences of deep therapeutic connection, healing and transformation. 

For more information on the immersion & registration please visit: embodiedflow.com/embodied-consciousness

We are also thrilled to announce that we are offering 10 Social Justice Scholarships to attend the immersion. The scholarships are for POC on their path of healing and transformation as well as health and wellness practitioners who work with groups or individuals. By offering these scholarships, we aim to provide a more equitable opportunity to include a diverse group of voices and experiences. Learn more and apply for the scholarship here.

We can not wait to gather with all of you this October in Berkeley, California!

Love and light,
Scott & Tara

Somatics Spirituality Chitheads Podcast Interview.jpg

Please enjoy this episode of the CHITHEADS podcast hosted by Embodied Philosophy on the intersection of somatics and spirituality with faculty from our upcoming Embodied Consciousness Immersion: Sally Kempton, Dr. Judith Blackstone, Dr. Rae Johnson, Tara Judelle and Dr. Scott Lyons.

In the episode we discuss:

  1. What is consciousness and what does it mean to embody it?

  2. What kind of symptoms do we see that might reveal a state of disembodied consciousness?

  3. Isolation in our society.

  4. Maps for healing for somatic stress release.

  5. Obstacles to experiencing ourselves.

Will you join us? October 13-18th at UC Berkeley. We hope to see you there!