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The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff.
We are a way for the universe to know itself.
— Carl Sagan
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Dear one,

I hope this email finds you well, wherever you are in the world.

As we make another orbit around our central star, the sun, I am tuning into the essence of what I want to focus on for the next calendar year.

Mulling themes of resiliency, compassion, gratitude (the regulars), I hit on the essence of my own theme for 2018: Formlessness/Form.

This entanglement of the seen and unseen forever dancing in the numinous mystery underscores the essential spine of Embodied Flow. The question I hold as we dive into the furthest reaches of ourselves is how are we honoring this sacred manifestation?

We endeavor to navigate the thicket of our mind and how it manifests in what we call our body to know truth. This is not something we can merely read, or think about, but must discover through our senses, our movements, our inner emotional rivers.

I have come to realize more and more that what we do in Embodied Flow is attune to the vibration of what we are at our most true and healthy embodied self.

The offerings of 2018 range in duration from workshops, to immersions, to trainings, to retreats but all, regardless of name are simply a commitment to yourself to get to the truth of yourself, as the same stuff of the cosmos walking in this three dimensional reality.

I am delighted to return to Samata Goa in INDIA February 7-13, 2018 for the fourth time, to offer Inner Resource Retreat.

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Samata is an intentional space conceived of as a non-profit fundraising arm that donates all profits to the Dunagiri Foundation for Himalayan Herbal Research and Yogic Studies. The clinicians and managers of Samata reside in Goa during the winter and migrate to the Himalayas in the summer.  Their goal is to find sustainable solutions to preserve a growing list of endangered species solely endemic to high altitude Alpine Himalaya.

In retreating at Samata we’ll not only journey to internal referencing and mapping our ways into the felt sense of being through daily yoga, meditation, breath work and wisdom teachings to move towards a clearer understanding of the infinite and renewable resources that live inside, but we support this great work to empower and educate villagers to cultivate these herbs in this fragile ecosystem to preserve the ancient medicine systems that have birthed from the sacred mountains.

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Marc Holzman and I will again return to OKREBLUE in PAROS, Greece for our annual Harmonize Retreat August 12-18 + 19-25, 2018.

In September, I return to one of my homes – The Yoga Barn in UBUD, BALI for the200 hour Embodied Flow training September 1-28, 2018.

It will be two years since I taught in Australia and New Zealand by the time I return and I am so looking forward to seeing my friends at Egg of the Universe in SYDNEY to offer Advanced Embodied Flow Immersions November 2-9, 2018 and MELBOURNE November 11-16, 2018.

Ending the year in BALI feels so natural. December 12-January 20, 2018 Embodied Flow Advanced modules – Body, Mind and Expression will back to back at the beautiful Ananda Cottages.

I sincerely hope that as we flow into 2018 that you find me somewhere on the path.

In love,


In my latest Yogaglo class we practice a  Meditation on Space .  Dissolve the boundaries of self as you meditate on softening the grip of your ego, your thinking mind. 

In my latest Yogaglo class we practice a Meditation on Space.  Dissolve the boundaries of self as you meditate on softening the grip of your ego, your thinking mind. 

Bea Rue