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Announcing Embodied Flows on Yogaglo

It has been three years since the creation of the school, and now, I am thrilled to announce I have a program dedicated to the maps of Embodied Flow™ that is live on YogaGlo! In these six, 20-minute classes I have created an overview of the principles of Embodied Flow, put in sequences that help to focus each exploration into different succinct flows.

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In the program we will:

• Cover a different principle of Embodied Flow in each class.
• Explore body maps to unpack through the sequences.
• Develop anchor points for each map including mantra and touchstones.
• Practice reiterative and progressively challenging flows that can be explored through multiple lenses for continuous discovery.

There is a lot packed into the program, and my vision is that with repetition the concepts introduced will insinuate themselves deeper and deeper into the matrix of our Body Mind.

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This program is a fluid entry point into the world of Embodied Flow.  Covering the relationship of inner and outer space, reciprocity, navel radiation, the heart, and lungs, axial-appendicular, and flow; you will leave with a new appreciation of your three-dimensional self and new ways to connect to the inner rivers of you.


And for those of you who are not already members of Yogaglo, you can access a free 15-day trial HERE!

Join me on the mat as we learn to play this body-mind instrument with increasing grace, vitality, and flow.

Access the program HERE!

In love,

Kelly Beech