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  • Creature Yoga Town 2/142 Bangalow Road Byron Bay Australia (map)
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Somatic Stress Release Intermediate

5 Day Training on the Ocean

Prerequisite: Somatic Stress Release Level I: Foundations

Learn to restore your biological stress response system with Dr. Scott Lyon's 5 day Somatic Stress Release™ Immersion.

You will learn how to enhance your capacity to identify internal responses to stressors, and mobilize that energy towards restoration and ease.

Somatic Stress Release™ empowers you and your clients to holistically discharge stress, blocked emotions, and body tension, as well as relieve stagnated energy while restoring resilience.

Empower your self, through your self!  

Somatic Stress Release™ addresses the underlying psycho-physical patterns associated with stress while promoting well-being through the lens of body-oriented therapies.  

Stress related health challenges are now a widespread global issue. Chronic stress wreaks havoc on our health, impacts biological energy conservation, and makes us less attuned to the need for self-care. When a person encounters stress they form neuromuscular patterns to manage and protect themselves from the situation. A person maintains this activation even after the stressor is eliminated. This behavior prevents them from properly processing or mobilizing the stress. Similarly, individuals can get trapped in thought cycles which continually activate a physiological response, limiting their tolerance and capacity to manage additional stressors.

A physiological stress response happens throughout every system of the body, ultimately interacting with every cell. It’s no wonder that stress responses are interwoven with our emotions, immune function, thoughts, breath, and movements. Somatic Stress Release is a holistic approach that recognizes the complex layering of each individual's relation to stress. Stress manifests itself in each person’s body differently. Understanding this unique body response allows each person to process and navigate the intricate layers of stress. One of the most effective pathways towards that awareness and negotiation is through feeling a deeper sense of and connection with the body-mind, an approach called somatics.

In this somatic approach, there is a recognition that we engage with others and the world through sensations and movement. As stress is something experienced and expressed through the body, a somatic or body-focused approach can more quickly address habitual responses to internal and external stressors.   

These modules prepare you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the biological, social, and psychological aspects of stress.

  • Identify somatic symptoms and triggers for emotional and physical distress.

  • Learn to work with stress as it is reflected in facial expressions, posture, muscular patterns, or other forms of body language.

  • Learn cognitive reframing and stress tolerance techniques.

  • Explore self hypnosis for relaxation.

  • Learn neuromuscular repatterning procedures to release unconscious habituated stress cycles.  

  • Identify yours and other’s resources for negotiating stress.

  • Learn embodied mindfulness and resilience training techniques.

  • Engage in movement meditations and breath work to release trapped or stored arousal energy.

  • Stop burnout and rebuild depleted biological resources.

  • Learn to take control of your relationship to stress in order to live a life of greater well-being.

  • Apply manual-therapy techniques to guided meditation.   

Module 2:  Intermediate

  • Proprioception Re-Patterning

  • Nutrition for Stress Reduction

  • Experiential Anatomy Of Stress 2

  • Iliopsoas Complex Release Work

  • Body Work and Manual Therapy for Stress Release

  • Introduction to Restorative Yoga

  • Eye Work

  • Breath Work

  • Somatic Application of Polyvagal Theory

  • Level II of Somatic Stress Release techniques

*This Intermediate course is open to anyone who has completed the Level I: Foundations course. Please bring your manual from Level I: Foundations as new handouts will be given to add to your 3-ring folder.

*Two online support sessions will be offered after the training to help participants integrate the material.

*Participants will receive a certificate of participation in Level II Intermediate of Somatic Stress Release™ upon completion of this module, and may receive 30 hours of CEU’s from the Yoga Alliance.

Certified Somatic Stress Release™ Practitioner
Upon completion of all 3 Somatic Stress Release™ modules and 4 private sessions with Dr. Scott Lyons, a Somatic Stress Release™ Practitioner or an Embodied Flow™ Somatic Movement Therapist will receive certification as a Somatic Stress Release™ Practitioner.



9:00am - 4:00pm 


Byron Bay, Australia