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  • TRIYOGA 57 Jamestown Road London, England, NW1 7DB United Kingdom (map)

Formlessness/Form: A Weekend Workshop

All Levels Yoga + Meditation

Led by Tara Judelle

The great paradox of yoga rests in the way the unsee-able and unknowable is seen and known through our container, our movement, our capacity to pull from the formless. This formlessness itself is not without qualities, the yogis referred to it as “the Real Knowledge.” This year the focus will dance between our inward looking Self towards tangible formlessness, and the outward expression of Self through form and all of its layers.

Classes will include lecture, asana, free movement and meditation.

Sample Daily Schedule

The daily schedule will be subject to change based on the day and the needs of the participants.

Friday evening: Yielding into Space. Playing with the reciprocity that comes through the giving and receiving of the container with the support of space, this slow flow class reverses our attention to view space as a support inside and outside. Recognizing through the landscape of asana that space itself is the way that formlessness buoys our form within and without.

Saturday morning: Dimension. We can open ourselves into the different dimensions through space: vertically, horizontally and sagittally. As we increase the perception of height, width and depth within our body, the endless spectrum of our three-dimensional self unfolds. In this class, utilizing asana, we will play through planes of movement.

Saturday afternoon: Meditations in Madhya. The Madhya is the gap that is an access point available between breaths, thoughts, peaks and valleys in asana. This class will slip us into a slow meditative flow with some grounding poses and end with a dive into the meditative field of the Madhya.

Sunday morning: Shape Flow. Exploring our capacity to inhabit form fully, this class looks at how we inhabit shape fully as we flow from form to form pulling the presence of formlessness into the dance. Presence and attention in the morphology of movement potentiating our move into a flow state will be the focus of this class.

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