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  • Yogahuset, Hammarland Åland (map)

Affiliate 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Foundations Level Embodied Flow Track

Taught by Linda Nenne Wiksten

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This track is entry level for those students that want their initial 200 hour teacher training certification with both Embodied Flow and the Yoga Alliance.

The Embodied Flow 200-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and methodology of yoga from an Embodied Flow perspective. Topics include asana, embodied anatomy, pranayama, meditation and the foundations of non-dual tantric philosophy. We focus on a process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, so students may experience their own unique journey in the living art of yoga. This approach prepares graduates to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity.

ThIS 200 hour level training is the first step on the path of Embodied Flow.  It is not a requirement that you want to become a teacher but rather that you bring your curiosity into an intense and immersive step into the ever widening path of yoga.

This 200 hour immersion delves into the landscape of yoga energetically, physically and philosophically. Participants study the foundations of Embodied Flow practices and methodology to support them as they expand and develop on their journey of the living art of yoga.  We cultivate the skills of teaching. We learn to communicate and transmit the depth of information and experience acquired.  Participants will hone their grace, intuition and power as they develop skill and comfort in their role as a teacher.

As graduates of the Embodied Flow 200 training you will develop your unique strengths such as:

  • the ability to clearly articulate and relay philosophy

  • lead students through an exciting and energy filled practice

  • provide comfort and support

  • create an environment for reflection and healing

  • identify and assist alignment challenges

  • guided depthful meditation

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This course provides the hours required for registration with the Yoga Alliance for the RYT 200® as well as certification with the Embodied Flow School of Yoga 200-hour Foundations.

The Embodied Flow  200HR Foundational Training will cover:

• Foundational alignment for Embodied Flow asana, integrating developmental and anatomical pathways in relationship to gravity and space.

• Embodiment Practices inspired by Body Mind Centering® – tapping into the felt sense of different systems of the body: skeletal, organ, endocrine, muscular, developmental, nervous system in order to gain awareness, registry and resonance of these systems.

• Embodied Anatomy & Physiology.

• Pranayama and Meditation to support our embodiment practices.

• History and Philosophy of Yoga, including foundational non-dual tantric philosophy and classical texts such as the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita.

• Teaching methodology and teaching exercises / theming / sequencing.

• Observing, demonstrating and assisting.

Awaken your voice as a teacher.

Sample Daily Schedule

The daily schedule will be subject to change based on the day and the needs of the students.

7.30 - 8.30 Chanting, Pranayama, Meditation and Contemplation 

8.30 - 9 tea / lemon water break (available on site) 

9 - 11 Guided Asana internship 

11 - 12 Lunch (please bring your own) 

12 - 14.30 Lesson / Laboratory 

14.30 - 15 Fika break (include own) 

15 - 17.30 Lesson / Laboratory 

17.30 - 18 End of the day


Yogahuset, Hammarland Åland

The education is held in the Yoga House's new yoga hall in Hammarland, Åland.

There is a forest just around the corner, it is close to the sea and on warm days we can practice in the garden. During the breaks you can enjoy the silence in our quiet Lusthus.

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payment due before December 28, 2018

STANDARD RATE: Full price: 3150€ 

You can choose to pay the fee in full before the start of the training or pay part in 3 installments. At least 1 rat should be paid at the start of the training. The setup fee will be added for partial payment.

Included in the price: education manual, approx. 200 teacher-led hours, instructions for self-study and hand-in assignments, upon completion of all parts, yoga teacher certificates approved according to the Yoga Alliance RYT-200 standard (please see below list of parts) are obtained.

Not included in the price: compulsory and recommended literature, food, registration fee for teachers at Yoga Alliance, possibly accommodation and transport.

For additional information please contact:

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