We are a school of yoga and movement reconnecting body, mind, and spirit while finding tangible pathways between the three. The school has multiple certification programs including foundational yoga certificate, advanced yoga certificate, and therapy certificate.   We use movement, asana, meditation, visualization, philosophy, psychology, verbal expression, and science as technologies for acquiring a deep sense of strength, ease, and connectivity in the human form. Embodied Flow™ aims to deliver its practitioners a sense of agency as they discover their own innate capacity to step into a life that is in flow.




We are seeking a business consultant to support and create:

  • Updating current vision, structure and strategic plan for international business, including but not limited to, designing a business model to maximize growth, improve business performance, and create a strategic business plan.

    • Articulating individual and common vision within the branches of the organization. Guiding creators of EF to identify objectives, goals, and tactics to realize the individual and common visions.

    • Create an articulate step-by-step plan of action to operationalize the goals of the school. 

    •  Work with the existing team to delegate and action each step of the plan. 

  •  Identifying strategies and resources for sustainability and further growth of the existing organization. 

    • Review current operational process for the improvement of decision making and performance.

    •  Identify the strengths of current employees and ensure their roles and responsibility are aligned with strengths.  Identify where additional employees may be needed.

    • Identify systems that support pre-existing programs and simultaneously the creation of new programming. 

    • Recommend strategies for project management support to help build foundational systems for the continued growth of the current programming.

    • Identify and implement organizational precursors for scaling, in order to sustainably implement tactics for development and evolution of the organization. 

  • Financial Strategy 

    •   Increased market share, revenues, and profits

    •  Design, track and analyze results that demonstrate the return on investment of the consulting.


•  Bachelors or Masters degree in Business/ Marketing/ Organizational Psychology  

•  Proven track record of success in business consulting 

•  Confident, driven and dynamic leader

•  Entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to identify opportunities

•  Preferable experience in the wellness / fitness industry

•  A belief in Embodied Flow  and the capacity to integrate into the company ethos


If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume and cover letter to