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The intention of the Embodied Flow™ Somatic Movement Therapy (EFSMT) Program is to offer the practitioner tools to work with groups and individuals to enhance mental, emotional, physical and biological functions in order to bring optimal well-being and healing. For this approach, healing is the processes of returning to wholeness. This sense of flourishing and well-being can be achieved by a range of practices that are self-expanding such as bringing consciousness into one’s experience of their optimal potential, providing a felt sense of agency, or even finding more ease and efficiency within the muscles and joints of their body.  

This program integrates non-dualistic tantric philosophy, embodiment practices, humanistic psychology, Mind-Body Medicine techniques, and somatic body-work therapies. The term 'somatics' is derived from the Latin word soma, meaning the living body. Somatics, was developed by Thomas Hanna as an approach to experience the body from within in order to actualize human potential and to innate a processes of healing. The felt sense of our self, also known as Embodiment, leads to an experience of being comfortable in one’s own skin. Ultimately this facilitates: self awareness, boundaries, self-esteem, emotional regulation, empathy, enhanced cognitive processing, easeful decision making of complex situations, body related self confidence, greater sense of self-control, enhanced intuition, and a feeling of being both authentic and interconnected with others and the environment. A somatic movement therapist fosters these benefits by empowering their students or clients to utilize their own pathways and resources to reach their desired goals.

The non-dual lens of this program recognizes that mind, body, and spirit are one, that each individual is already whole, and by addressing the obstructions getting in the way of that wholeness it leads to well-being.    

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