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Tara Judelle & Dr Scott Lyons



About Tara


Tara has been teaching yoga internationally for 16 years, motivated by her strong desire to enable her students to realize their full and joyous multi-dimensional selves.  To further that goal, in 2014 she co-created with Scott Lyons the School of Embodied Flow to innovate the method and means of the yogic conversation, weaving tantric philosophy, skillful movement and playful humor into her facilitation.  She curates Embodied Flow yoga happenings to incite students towards expanded consciousness and an awakened experience of themselves. Her dynamic style brings ease and authenticity into a new yoga culture.

More than thirty years of experimentation with forms of flow including dance, Tai Chi, movement improvisation, music, theater and, ultimately, yoga, led Tara to develop methods of communicating the intangible into the immediate and creating experiences for group exploration.  Language as an early passion, an English degree from Barnard College, post-graduate studies in theater directing, and a brief career in film writing and directing all drove Tara to look deeper into the metaphysical pursuits of yoga and meditation.

Originally certified in the hatha Anusara® method, since 2006 Tara has studied extensively with meditation and Tantric philosophy scholars Sally Kempton and Carlos Pomeda.  The cannon of work by Body-Mind Centering® and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen opened new facets of the the tantric methodology, inspiring a shift in intention of Tara’s teaching towards the embodiment based approach of Embodied Flow.

Starting in 2009 she has helped shape the yoga conversation streaming around the world as a featured teacher on In 2010 Tara moved from her base in Los Angeles to direct a retreat center in Bali, Indonesia and since 2012 she has moved throughout the globe with no fixed base, as she facilitates workshops, retreats and teacher trainings worldwide.

About Scott


Dr. Scott Lyons is dedicated to teaching embodiment as a way of exploring human development, healing, growth and transformation. His deep passion is to integrate somatic practices, transpersonal inquiry and scholarly research into the creative and healing arts.

Scott is a Clinical Psychologist with an emphasis in Mind-Body Medicine and specializes in therapies for infants, youth, and adults. He is a Certified Body-Mind Centering Teacher and Practitioner, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Visceral Manipulation Therapist, Neuro-Developmental Therapist, Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Registered Movement Therapist and Educator, Trauma Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Thai Massage Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness-based Executive Coach, Experiential Anatomy/ Developmental Movement and Yoga Practitioner, and a 500-hour registered yoga teacher. Additionally he holds a BFA in Theater/Psychology,  MFA in Dance/Choreography,  MS in Clinical Psychology, a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine and a DO in Osteopathy.

Scott has had the privilege to teach Embodied Flow and Body-Mind Centering workshops and trainings throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He was adjunct at New York University from 2007-2010 where he co-taught the Viewpoints Studio with Mary Overlie. As an artist, Scott’s work has been performed at BAM, Symphony Space, Dance New Amsterdam as well as theaters throughout the United States and Europe.

Foundational to Scott’s teaching is the principle that we can, through intention, expand our capacity to meet and be met.  In this way, we can offer the profound gift to our self, others, and the environment of being heard, seen, and feeling felt at a cellular level.

Together we are dedicated to creating an experience of unity and discovering what potentially stagnates our natural conditions of flow. Our mutual drive and desire is for this movement to facilitate awakening and wellbeing.
— Tara Judelle

In Tara’s Words

"How do we to activate our entire self and bring online the totality of being?"

The search for freedom has always been part of my personal dance: Over the last 30 years I looked to philosophy, psychology, dance, religion. I read, traveled, journaled, fell apart. The first big step towards the path of unity for me, was the discovery of the world of yoga; the second, was the world of meditation. Though these two disciplines overlap and influence each other I still felt their intersection missing an essential link.  After teaching the two for many years and looking for the missing link, an associate told me, ‘Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is the bridge between meditation and movement’ and introduced me to the world of Body-Mind Centering®.  This opening to the embodiment practices revolutionized my living experience and put me on a search for how to most efficiently bring this living experience to the most people.

In 2012, I met Scott Lyons at a BMC® training. Scott’s background—extensive, graduate-level experience in dance and teaching theater arts at NYU; neuropsychophysiology research as a PhD candidate; practice in somatic systems; and as a master innovator of body-mind medicine—was a natural fit for my interest of how to more effectively bring forth the meditative state into movement. Together we felt practitioners would uncover more in a system that allowed for the collective curiosity with the vision of discovery.

The result is Embodied Flow, a yoga practice that integrates the biomechanics and alignment of hatha yoga with the background with the philosophy of Tantra, embodiment practices inspired by Cohen, movement explorations informed by somatic psychology, and numerous other modalities that inform both of our living experiences.

Welcome to this laboratory of experience.


What breaks my heart is that there are people in this world that feel alone, separate, stigmatized, un-met, un-seen, and have not been offered the time and space (or it hasn’t been safe enough) to experience their deepest sense of self, and how the self is in relation to everything and everyone else that’s exploring the same recognition of their existence.
— Scott Lyons

In Scott’s Words

Many years ago when I was struggling with the choice of ending my career as a performer, I asked a dear friend,

“How would I know if this is what I’m meant to be doing?”

She responded with,  “when you wake up every morning and despite the aches and pains -you have a sense of this is why you're waking up”.

A long journey of finding a sense of meaning and purpose began that day. Several years later a young woman, who was struggling with her existence in this world, asked me “what breaks your heart?”.  At the time, I knew there was a link between understanding what breaks my heart and a sense of purpose, and so I sat with this question daily for three years. Within those years, there was a process of re-remembering what it was to feel my heart in order listen closely enough to know what breaks it.  What emerged was an incredible felt experience of this organ existing inside of me- and from this felt sense of my heart I was able to discern what breaks it.

This has deeply influenced my passion in the creation of Embodied Flow. What I have witnessed  from many years in collaboration with Tara is that as we reconnect with the subtleties of experiences and sensations within our own bodies as well as with the interactions of nature and other beings, the sense of disconnection and  “otherness” begins to dissolve.  The result, is an experience of  inherent connectedness.  Thus it  is one of our deepest visions to lay the groundwork and be the support for this path of connectivity, unity, and vitality.

From our roots in yoga, somatic movement practices, philosophical technologies, psychology,  among other traditions of mindfulness and awakening, we have filtered and amplified countless techniques and strategies to evoke an enlivening through the agency of our own body-mind for each person’s potential healing and transformation.

We welcome you with open arms along this journey of a life fully lived.


Our Inspirations


Our deepest gratitude to all the teachers who came before us and the modalities of transformation that emerged from their dedication.  We bow to and acknowledge our deepest influences including: Anusara Yoga®, Body-Mind Centering®, Somatic Experiencing®, Contact Improvisation, Theater and Dance, Martial Arts, Laban Movement Analysis, Feldenkrais Method®, Linklater Voice Technique, Viewpoints, Bartenieff fundamentals, Alexander Technique, Somatic Psychology, non-dualistic tantric philosophy (Kashmir Shaivism), transpersonal spiritual and personal inquiry, Buddhism, meditation, pranayama, mantra, kirtan, satsang, and all of our students.